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Technology solution providers' best-kept secret. Barrow is the fastest, safest way to integrate your customer's SAP solution.

Eliminate technical uncertainty and successfully deliver your customers digital transformation projects.

We help showcase your functional and business expertise. Barrow provides in-depth, unbiased knowledge of integration solution trends, techniques, and platforms. Our opinionated delivery model isolates technical implementation details from your functional solutions. Result? More time spent delivering real business value to your customer and less time managing technical risk.

Integration Technologies

Our project delivery leads and practicioners have an opinionated and well-practiced approach to implementing integration solutions using SAP Process Orchestration, SAP Cloud Platform Integration, and Mulesoft Mule.

SAP Solution Focus

Complex application landscapes with SAP S/4, ECC, and ByDesign at their core are our specialty. We have a track record of success in the retail, utilities, and manufacturing industries.


We pride ourselves on being an indistinguishable part of your delivery team. Our exceptional delivery staff is trained in both SAP ASAP and Activate methodologies and understand the value of rigorous project management and collaborative team culture.


Close Your RFP Sales

Allow your sales team to focus on business and functional responses and strategic concerns. Rely on us to rapidly validate assumptions, provide a technical solution vision, itemize its cost, and offer scheduling details with named resources. Expand your reach by pursuing more ambitious projects. We've helped dozens of consultancies right-size their implementation plans, showcase their technological prowess, and augment their integration capabilities.

Guarantee Your Delivery Milestones

Ensure your management team understands and controls the progress of interface development. With a mature interface delivery process, project managers spend time managing and not side-tracked technical architecture discussions. A mature software development process also minimizes the cost of poor software quality. Combined with a well-managed plan, Barrow helps you to avoid delayed milestones and payments.


Correct Course on Your Project

It happens. Expectations are communicated poorly, initial plans don't take into account key activities and resources, or things just take longer than originally thought. Call us in to re-evaluate, replan, and deliver so you can get your project back on track.


Integration Insights

A collection of articles ranging from administration, development, architecture, and project delivery

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Using custom Java code mapping in Mule CE

Congratulations, you’ve finished your Mule training and received your certification. Your dev lead informs you that your next Mule project won’t be using Mule Enterprise Edition, which means no access to major Dataweave features!

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